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QTP Error Handling - Learn what is QTP (QuickTest Professional) and associated concepts in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts.

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71 Next». Difference between error handling and exception handling . get free QTP/UFT eBooks, templates, videos and more! First Name.

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Surprisingly with all the time using QTP/UFT never came up against such case. Was quite intriguing as well. I Found out (or so it seems at first glance) that the.

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Error Handling in UFT Unexpected events during a test run disrupt a test or may give invalid test results. For example, during a test run.

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We should use the '' to check for any known error situation and then handle them. Whenever an error occurs it is propagated to the top of the call.

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Introduction to VBScript Error Handling: Tutorial # In my previous tutorial, we discussed 'File Objects' in the VBScript. In this tutorial, I will.